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At, we receive hundreds of applications for listing in our site. To ensure that all of the business/company listed on our website meet a high standard, we ask that each person fills out an application with as much detail as possible.

If you want to claim some business that already in our list, please search for the business/company and choose edit option. To claim an existing list, you have to be owner of the business or a current employee.


We do ask for you to provide a brief but comprehensive description of your business/company and it's services or products. Based on the description you provide we help search engines to find out your business easily and position higher on search results.

We look forward the following during review process:

  • 1. A smart, unique and detailed description of your business, products and services. Description with more than 500 words are appreciated.
  • 2. Your busines have a website
  • 3. Provide right map geo location informaton by enabling location access service and pointing to right position. This helps people find your business easily
  • 4. Provide official active email and phone number so that people can communicate
  • 5. Complete address should be mentioned
  • 6. Accurate geolocation(latitude, longitude) should be provided
  • 7. Privide working hours properly

The more information you provide in your listing request, the more likely it is to be accepted.

We do not accept add requests that have

  • 1. Description is shorter than 200 words
  • 2. Website missing, down, broken, under construction or irrelavant
  • 3. Website containing words: facebook, google,,,,,, blogspot, referral.
  • 4. Businesses of restricted products or services ex: alcohol, drugs, adult contents

Note: Once a listing request is submitted it will be reviewed by a member of our team to ensure that it follows our guidelines. The review process may take 1-2 business days depending on lists we receive. Once reviewed you will receive an email informing you, if the application has been successful or not. You can also sign in to your account to check your request status from your user panel.

Business Details

  • Please enter the company's full legal name (eg. Global BioTech Ltd).
  • Once entered, your company name cannot be changed.
  • Please enter in mixed case letters, FULL CAPS will be rejected.
  • Please choose the country where the business is located
  • Please choose the city where the business is located
  • Please choose a category for your business
  • Please allow location access whenever asked in your browser
  • Providing right location will allow visitors locate your business accurately
  • Latitude of busines/organization location
  • Longitude of busines/organization location
  • Please write registered office address of your office
  • Write official phone number of your business
  • Write official email of your business
  • Write official website url of your business
  • Write complete website url. Ex:
  • Please don't provide social media sites here
  • Write official logo url of your business

  • Do not copy-paste or closely paraphrase material from sources. Rather summarize what the source says in your own words.
  • Write details information about your business.
  • Longer description regarding your business can bring more opportunities.
  • Focus on business introduction, company background etc
  • At least 500 words or more is recommended for best exposure.
  • English is preferred but other language also accepted.
  • Write services or products your business offers
  • Do not copy-paste or closely paraphrase material from sources. Rather summarize what the source says in your own words.
  • Must give correct working hours
  • You can select 24 hours open or closed options also
  • Select your relationship with the business

Your contact informatoin

* This will be used to send you update about your listing success or failure.
* You can update your listing after published successfully
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